Litigation Support

  • Archive & Manuscript Research
  • Digitization of Primary Source Documents
  • Detailed Subject Reports
  • Project Presentations

Public History

  • Museum Exhibits
  • Publications
  • Oral Histories
  • Interpretive Displays

Property History

  • Chain of Ownership
  • Evolution of Structures
  • Contextual Analysis

Since 1993


Echtle Research provides complete historical research support for your project.

Established in 2007, projects range from histories of homes, families and companies to multi-property surveys of industrial sites and activities, spanning the 1800s to present.

Public history work includes museum exhibits, presentations, walking tours, publications, interpretive displays and documentaries.

Clientele are law firms, museums, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations; anyone with a need for factual, document-based historical analysis on any subject or theme.

Tenino Northern Pacific Railroad depot, ca1890s
Tenino Northern Pacific Railroad depot, ca1890s